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Mission Statement:

Our intentions are to serve communities with purposeful training for youth sports. We understand the importance of children being involved in youth sports activities and we would like to enhance every child’s experience on their athletic journey. We achieve this goal by providing innovative age appropriate training systems for the youth while taking charge in playing a role in building their minds, bodies and spirits for their journey ahead with sports and competition. 


How the HiliTEClub Operates: 


We see group training fit to mold and unite individual athletes through common goals, comradery and competition. 


We work in 3-month phases of growth so that we can track progression, levels of intensity and ideal growth patterns. 


Our athletes progression is our #1 priority! So much that we take the time to provide at-home workouts/challenges to accommodate vigorous sports practices, in-season or at school training so that our athletes understand that improving daily is the goal. 


At the beginning of each phase we make benchmarks in different areas and we give our athletes 12-weeks to improve on those goals before the next phase starts. We find this method suitable through a scientific standpoint, it also keeps the kids interacted and result driven. 


We partner with some of the best physical therapist, cryotherapy, yoga instructors and stretch facilities to give the best recovery and mobility work outside of HiliTEClub. We understand that recovery is a vital part of growth in the training process and we want to make sure we provide our athletes with the best. 



HiliTE Guarantee :


After a 3 month period, we give each family a reflection period to evaluate the benefits of our 12 week-program. We will give each family progress reports, with photos of before and after pictures, weight room and field stats. The ultimate goal of our program is to provide results for your student-athlete on their athletic journey so if no gains are made in given departments, there will be no out of pocket expense for you and your family. 


The HiliTE Family :


We invite athletes of all sports to come and HiliTE their lives. In past years, we have trained everything from tennis, soccer lacrosse, baseball, basketball, softball to football athletes. We enjoy cross-sport competition because it removes stigma from sport to sport and allows the environment to be all about being the best athlete possible. Our network in the training world is vast, so athletes who need skill specific work outside of our realm of expertise can be outsourced to some of the best sport-specific trainers in Houston. 


(Hi)est Impression :


When your child joins The HiliTEClub, they will grow to understand living in your (Hi)est-LiTE through enlightenment and awareness is our only goal as humans. It is something to strive for daily. We will be of great assistance in this journey in making your child the best person they can be and enriching your family along the process. We intend to make a remarkable imprint that changes their altitude and attitude for their life ahead. 

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