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At Nine Innovations, we have a team that’s completely committed to you and your goals. Our experienced fitness experts are here to provide the support and motivation you need to meet and exceed your fitness and health goals. 

Whether you are a professional athlete or a busy professional, we have the knowledge and ability to help you kick your fitness program into high gear. Learn more about our team and the programs we offer, and contact us today to schedule your first workout!

Athletic trainers for baseball, football & youth sports in Houston, TX.

Sports Performance Training  in Houston, TX
Abdul Foster is a Professional Sports Trainer, Fitness Coach and Counselor to world class professional athletes. Known for his elite training style, Abdul is an athlete and a competitor himself, so he enters with the mindset to see his clients excel. His training sessions ensure that not only the body, but also the mind are in peak condition. Abdul brought home nearly 20 awards in his hometown of Albuquerque, including two high school state titles in the 1 lOm hurdles, one of which included a state record that is still unbroken. Foster went on to compete in track and field at Florida A&M University before becoming a trainer. Abdul has been a part of several athletes' remarkable stories including his younger brother and former Houston Texans runningback, Arian Foster. 

Abdul has trained Arian since college and through his transition to the NFL. After Arian made the practice squad for the Texans, Abdul was determined to help Arian make the roster. With a unique and intensive routine, designed specifically for his needs, he had an explosive year in 2010 breaking several franchise and NFL records. Many clients credit Abdul with not just being a trainer, but a counselor. He wants to win just as bad as the athletes he trains. 

Abdul has trained top NFL as athletes including NFL Pro-Bowl wide receiver Andre Johnson, NFL Pro-Bowl Offensive Lineman Duane Brown, NFL Pro-Bowler and Super Bowl Champion Owen Daniels, other NFL stars like Glover Quinn, James lhedigbo, Wade Smith, Chris Myers, and Eric Winston to name a few. Abdul knows what the physical requirements are as well as the off field requirements and brings a new breed of training to the table.
Athletic Trainer in Houston, TX
Firdose Khan, head athletic trainer at Nine Innovations, is from Sheridan, Wyoming. He lives by the quote, "Don't let your life happenings destroy your happiness”. His own brother Sartaj, has had numerous ACL knee injuries. Firdose himself, does not have an ACL or meniscus in his left knee and is still fully functional. Understanding this allows him to fully understand athletes and their needs which led to his passion for training.

While attending the University of Wyoming, he worked with the strength and conditioning staff and athletic training for basketball and football. He also held a performance specialist internship at Athletes Performance now EXOS. There, he trained the Argentine Rugby team, the U.S. National Soccer Team and NBA All-Star Derrick Rose. He also worked the NFL VetTraining in Los Angeles at Athletic Gaines before he found his way to Houston, TX. He was then given the opportunity to help build a new company, Nine Innovations from Abdul. Here, he has been committed to not only working with the best, but pushing everyone around him to be the best. 

He firmly believes in his philosophy of functional training and implementation into all aspects of training from movement, correctives, recovery, and nutrition and supplementation. He not only wants to make the client better, but to make them understand why and how. 
Fitness Trainer

Taj Khan is a professional fitness trainer in Houston, TX. As a trainer, Taj not only specializes in strength and conditioning, but also football specific skills training. Formerly, he served as a Wide Receiver Coach for the Utah Utes collegiate football team. His current clients range from professional to middle school athletes. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family.

Antanique Landry is a celebrity trainer with an impressive following on social media (50,000+ followers).
Her belief is that fitness is not only a workout in the gym, but a lifestyle change. The training knowledge that she shares with her clients stems from her personal experience competing as an IFBB Bikini Pro Body Builder.
She specializes in individual workout plans that are tailored to her client’s specific goals.
While she works with people of all ages and backgrounds, she specifically aims to help empower women with confidence through physical and mental fitness.
In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.
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